After tearing up the swell, performing a perfect kick-out to exit the magnificent in-season Lombok waves and giving a customary shaka to all those on their own way out into the surf, you need to replenish your body.

Surfing is a full body exercise. It involves every single one of your muscles, not even sparing your juicy brain. Surfing is just as much mental as physical, and will find you reading the swell and making calculated decisions about when to drop in and pop up, or which path is the best to take into shore to avoid the masses in the shallow water.

Therefore, it is important to give back to your body. One of the ways I like to do that is feed my body a highly nutritious diet of local foods that give my body the energy it needs to continue to perform at a high level. So here it is. What a surfer should consider when getting food in Lombok.

Firstly, a seasoned surfer like yourself realizes that it is more than a calorie in vs. calorie out game. A lot of work must go into planning what these calories consist of to stay on top of their game while on an active holiday. So, with that in mind, here are some of the staple dishes of the Lombok area that will keep you coming back for more.

If you are located on the south coast of Lombok or Kuta Lombok, the best place to score a good feed is Gerupuk Village, world renowned for its seafood and home to the legendary Charlie’s Shack. The seafood in these areas is so fresh that the fishing boats out in the ocean come direct to the restaurant to sell their catches. Charlie’s Shack is also the place to find accommodation. Scoring a massive 8.5/10 on, Charlie’s Shack offers both beachside and standard rooms for a very affordable price. Located on the beach, booking yourself one of these rooms in Lombok is the most sensible decision you will make all holiday. The food packages available here are designed for surfers by nutritionists for maximum performance.

Gerupuk does not have a lot of variety of choice for different dishes, given its relatively small size – but what it lacks in choice it makes up for in quality. In the village itself I find myself coming back to two dishes. The first is called Plecing Kangkung. This one is a shoutout to all my vegetable and seafood lovers. This spicy water spinach salad has a unique limp look yet crunchy texture. The blanched veggies are topped with a chili and shrimp paste dressing, grated coconut, garlic, deep-fried peanuts, and lime juice. It is literally the freedom and love of the ocean reincarnated inside your mouth, and I cannot get enough. Heaven on earth.

The second magnificent dish of this area is known as Ayam Taliwang. Ayam Taliwang is your typical serving of Indonesian grilled chicken. Grilled chicken is popular world-wide, which makes this unique take on the dish so much more interesting as a point of comparison.

What makes it unlike other Indonesian grilled chicken is the main ingredient, or “ayam kampung”, meaning chicken local from the village. As a result, this dish is cooked with a deliciously smaller, juicier, and more organic meat. The chicken is covered in “taliwang” sauce, lovingly crafted with shrimp paste, garlic, lime juice, chilies, salt, and candlenuts. This dish sits perfectly in my stomach after a night surfing session when the air and water cool off and I need a hearty evening meal to help get my body temperature back up.

I have not personally spent much time exploring it, but those on the West of the island of Lombok need to dine at a place called “Nuf Said”. The vibes immaculate and food delicious, what more could you be after? Treat yourself by fueling your body with what it needs next time you are in Lombok!


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