Sometimes you just want to be able to turn your headphones up and your world down. Welcome grommet. I heard you. You are after a playlist that gets you amped up enough to get past the ankle

busters and snappers and onto the bombs of the swell. Play these tracks on your board and you will have every Benny and Betty eyeing you down as you carve up the bottom turn and get ready for the ride of your life.

Lyrically endorsed by Red Bull, here are the top 10 surfers tracks to switch off with next time you are surfing the beautiful beaches of Lombok.

1. On Track – Tame Impala

“On Track” is an overall hopeful track featuring themes of perseverance and reaching one’s goals, which is a theme prevalent throughout much of the album it is part of, The Slow Rush. The song is a downtempo moment on the track list, starting out peacefully with piano and slowly building with layers of droning synths and drums. Aka perfect for strapping up and getting ready to hit the surf.

2. Some King of Disaster – All Time Low

The first single off the top of the album “Wake Up, Sunshine” sees the band reflecting on recent troubles and at the same time asking the fans if they are still up to hear their music. The song was written early in the album process and quickly became a frontrunner to become the first single on the listing. Aka perfect for when you wipe out and need a pick-me-up.

3. Afterall – Beartooth

This song is about how band member Caleb felt/feels when trying to deal with his depression. In this song he is desperate to find a new and better “normal”, but it seems like nothing he does changes anything. Aka perfect for when the swell is not up to standard and you just need a phat tune to turn things around.

4. Borderline (Blood Orange Remix) – Tame Impala

For this remix, we see Blood Orange dial up the sounds and verses straight to 11. “We’re on the borderline” is the catchphrase for this track’s deep melody, contemplating perhaps what the right directions and decisions would lead to a situation where there was no “price to pay on Monday.” Aka the perfect track for shredding waves that are filled with energy beneath you as you ride the sunset.

5. Down the Line – Beach Fossils

The melancholy but predictable bass line and melodies within this track speak to the glum of everyday life if you do not use it as an opportunity to explore yourself and your hobbies. The artists reflected that “I couldn’t get anything to happen” in the early stages of the song. Aka the perfect track to rekindle your ability to see the waves from a different perspective if the ocean is not giving

6. L.A Girl – Adolescents

“We don’t really care if you say we’re too young, we don’t waste our time tanning in the sun.” A heavy rock anthem in every capacity, Adolescents’ “L.A Girl” speaks to the art of doing exactly what you are told not to and disregarding any backlash from people who have an opinion you do not value.

7. So Much Love – Nada Surf

Slowing things down for the back end of this playlist, we have “So Much Love” that appeared on Nada Surf’s album, “Never Not Together”. This is a song that celebrates good will between people. It is hard sometimes to remember that it is there. But that artist says that it is all around us and that small things add up. Aka the perfect track to vibe to while looking out for your fellow surfers on the barrels.

8. Set to Attack – Albert Hammond Jr

In an interview with Kat Corbett, Albert Hammond Jr said that Set to Attack is “a triumphant song about the lust for life you have in your youth.” Often life passes us up so fast that even on the waves you may require this gentle reminder that everyone’s time is limited. Do what you can with what you have and enjoy the journey. Aka do not pass up on that wave because it isn’t perfect. How many more will you get?

9. Our Love – Incubus

This song by Incubus iss about the band rebuilding confidence and not hiding the love they have for music. As an aging band, they saw that their music is not as popular as it once was, but they never stopped loving what they do. Aka the perfect track for when you do not care how silly you look wiping out. Time to get back up and out there!

10. Look No Further – Flawes

To finish off this amazing list of incredible sound, we are bringing in number 10. Welcome to “Look No Further” by Flawes. It is described as an open letter for when you realize someone is lying to you. The title implies that you do not have to look any further to discover the truth when you discover someone has not been truthful. Aka the perfect track for when you need to switch off and leave the world behind you and just surf. For as long as you need. Alone. Or maybe with some friends. Surfing with friends is great.


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